12th grader dating a 7th grader

He probably thinks of you as a friend, maybe a little sister. But there is a chance he may like you.
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I'm really uncomfortable with kids under 18 dating anyone over 18, besides the fact it's illegal where I live! But even at 18, I feel like it's wierd that they'd date someone in their 20s. Should boys have different rules from girls?

kid asks girl to be his girlfriend, goes very wrong..

Originally Posted by Omaha Rocks. We make a LOT of changes, and rapidly, in those first years out of high school. While I know there is no "one size fits all" rule regarding dating, I thinking that teenagers dating older people is generally a really bad idea. Why would it be weird for an 18 year old and 20 year old to date?

My son is in HS and there are plenty of 17 year old seniors dating 15 year old sophmores.

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In fact when he was a freshman he complained that the girls wouldn't talk to the freshman boys because they all wanted to date the older boys. In 3 years the same kids will be 20 and and I think it would be strange for an 18 year old to want to date a 30 year old, but I don't think it's wrong, just strange. My daughter is a 17 yr old senior. She is dating a young man who is 19 and graduated last year. He is attending Community College. I see nothing wrong with this.

They are one year apart in school, but two years apart in age. Last year, when they started dating, he was a senior and she a junior.


I would have a problem only if she started dating someone out of college while she was still in high school. At this point, I don't think she would have much in common with someone far removed from high school. She is already planning her senior prom! Can't see a 23 yr old wanting to go to prom.

7th grade girl dating a 12th grade guy?

Originally Posted by DubbleT. Taking that into account I also say three years.

Guys and girls that are close to the same age frequently aren't on the same maturity level when they are teens. Originally Posted by Jaggy And therein resides the problem.

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I knew a guy that dated a 7th grader when he was a sophmore. I don't think anyone under the 9th grade should be dating. Is it ok and normal?

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Im a 6th grader dating a 7th grade guy, its fine i mean like were not like. That pyramids older week is it weird if a 9th grader dating a 7th grader before. Girls aren't really interested in me so why is this one? I'm guessing because it would look good for her, a 7th grader going out with a 9th grader.

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Is a 9th grader dating a 7th grader bad perhaps. Their actions think peoples opinions change how you interact: That don't effective treat each other equals, and. This is coming from a current 7th grader.